We love pairing our confections with other foods and beverages – using different flavors to complement, balance, or pull out certain notes in their counterparts is a fun and different way to enjoy chocolate. While you are welcome to visit our Walker’s Point chocolate pairing bar anytime during regular hours to order off our menu, our more formal after-hour classes allow us to focus on pairing certain items that may not be offered on our regular menu.

All classes are held at our Walker’s Point Chocolate Pairing Bar, and require pre-registration. Please call us at (414) 223-0123 to register.


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Where are the pairing classes held?
All our chocolate pairing classes are held at our Walker’s Point shop and pairing bar located at 211 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
What happens at a pairing class?

When guests arrive, they are invited to take a seat at either the bar or one of the group tables. Once the class begins, our staff will serve each attendee their first of several pairings, explaining the background of the pairing’s components, and the reasoning behind the selected pairing. Guests will have time between each pairing to enjoy and visit, and questions are welcomed throughout the class.

What is the difference between a pairing class, and just coming into your pairing bar any other time?

Our chocolate pairing bar is open anytime during regular shop hours for you to come in and order off our seasonally changing menu. Our staff members will lead you through the pairings you order, explaining the composition of, and reasoning behind, each pairing.

Our classes, however, are held after regular hours in a group setting, and are a little more structured. They are usually taught by Indulgence owner, Julie Waterman, and they allow us and our guests to focus on certain themes or pairing items that are not typically part of our regular menu.

How many people are in each class?

Our classes are generally limited to 24 attendees.

If I am attending as part of a group, will we be seated together?

We try our best to accommodate groups that wish to be seated together. If you would like to sit as part of a group, please inform us at the time you register.

How long does a pairing class last?

Our classes typically last between and an hour and a half and two hours.

Can I purchase chocolate and the items being paired with the chocolate at the class?

Yes! You can purchase the chocolates and most of the beverages paired with them at the end of the class. In the event a beverage is not immediately available at the time of the class, we will have order forms for those interested in purchasing.

How do I register for classes?

Please call us at 414-223-0123 to register for classes.

Can I receive a refund if I cancel my reservation for a class?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for cancellations.